3 financial goals that should be included in the 2022 plan

As the year 2021 comes to a close, how do you look back on your financial accomplishments over the previous twelve months? How do you track your financial progress during it? Did you achieve financial goals last year?

As we wish you more abundance and financial progress in the coming years, we will give you simple suggestions for assessing and evaluating your financial career over the previous year today.

A clear set of ideas against which to compare your financial accomplishments and failures, giving you a more mature picture of your financial goals and thus assisting you in adjusting your financial route on the best possibilities for the new year 2022.

Did you meet your financial goals last year?

The financial goals that you carefully select for yourself and keep in mind will serve as an accurate compass that directs you in the right way.

You’re well on your path to financial independence.It is terrible that many people do not have true financial goals and do not have a clear vision of their financial future, and as a result, they will not get more than what life throws at them semi-randomly!!

The 2022 strategy should include financial objectives.

With the start of a new year, it’s time to revisit your financial goals, reconsider their strength and feasibility, and track your progress toward achieving them. Ask yourself, “What are the acceptable measures I’ve made in order to achieve my financial goals?” By doing so, you put yourself back on track and revitalize your financial strategy with a new sense of enthusiasm:

1. Increasing one’s income

3 financial goals that should be included in the 2022 plan

One of the most basic financial goals in any financial plan is to increase income, which may be accomplished by extra employment of any sort, contributing to the financing of a project, or investing, that is, purchasing an income-generating financial asset, which is the most intelligent alternative.So, how about you?

Have you earned any decent extra money in the last several months?We hope that everyone understands early on that increasing one’s income is now regarded as one of the possibilities available, as there are numerous ways to do so.

2. Increase your savings

3 financial goals that should be included in the 2022 plan

No matter how good your income is, you will not be able to control your financial situation or develop your money if you do not save. Saving 10% to 20% of your income is not unusual, but it is an excellent plan for natural progress in the line of financial development, which we discussed in the previous issue.

If your savings equal 10 times your monthly income, you are in a satisfactory situation; but, if they surpass 20 times your monthly income, we congratulate you on your financial success in advance, because by investing this amount, you can generate a new income that exceeds your present income.

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If your savings have shown a regular periodic increase over the last several months, you are on the correct track; otherwise, you should reevaluate your financial strategy and approve an appropriate percentage of your monthly income for saving.

3. Purchase of an asset

3 financial goals that should be included in the 2022 plan

The hens who lay the golden eggs are financial assets!! It is the secret that explains the high balances loaded with rich people’s accounts! Have you purchased one during the last few months?

A financial asset is anything that can be purchased to generate greater income or anything that can be purchased to sell at a higher price; it is essentially an investment.

Real estate financial assets, such as buying a house to rent or buying land to sell at a higher price, maybe one of the best options, but the available options are much broader; there are expensive options with high financial returns, and there are options that are within the average person’s financial reach due to their low cost.

There are low-risk assets, and a financial intermediary may be able to assist you in finding the best option for you, especially as the Sultanate undergoes structural development and large-scale initiatives that will bring more and more great investment opportunities.

Buying assets is a proven technique to attain whatever financial level you desire, and you may think of a financial asset as a money machine because it will produce a lot of it for you.

The end is just a continuation of the beginning.

Endings always lead to new beginnings, so don’t be sad about the past. The beginning of a new year coincides with the end of the old one. Begin today to plan for your financial future by sketching out a clear vision of what you want to accomplish in the year 2022.

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