7 methods for Achieving fantastic online Community Growth

Social media marketing has become a popular technique in recent years Companies, organizations, and individuals often utilize social media to increase exposure to their brand and attract new followers and customers, However, the ideal type of participation entails creating a genuine online community.

A company’s online communities can help it connect with influencers, boost brand recognition, enhance website traffic, get user feedback, and connect with new potential customers.

Companies are increasingly realizing the value of social media engagement, but you do not have to be a large company to develop a social media presence or cultivate an online community here are the seven strategies I find most effective based on my experience:

1. Start early.

New social networks (such as Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram) pop up all the time, so it’s important to be an early adopter if you want to catch a spike in traffic and interest.

You can achieve success on established platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook But no one should ignore the opportunity to expand to newer, fast-growing networks Invest time with current networks, but keep an eye out for fresh opportunities on the ground floor.

2. Match the platform.

Match your style and value to the platform Tailor your content to the expectations of your members, For example, if a LinkedIn Group is for people interested in careers or business, your content should be professional, In the Recruiter.com LinkedIn Group, my staff often discuss how to improve interviewing and hiring best practices, They solicit feedback and interest by starting discussions on these topics.

CNN is tailoring specialized content for Snapchat’s user base. CNN is taking a risk by delving into such transient content, but the company is making an extra effort to reach Snapchat’s audience.

3. Promote the group.

Some may believe that online communities on social media platforms should be used to direct users to the company’s website. However, directing people away from a group is analogous to leaving your windows open in the winter: all of the energy escapes.

Instead, invite people to the group via email and promote the community on your owned properties. Encourage active participation in this community by utilizing any and all resources available to you. If you actively promote the community over time, it will begin to grow on its own.

Recruiter.com employees regularly invite people to connect with the company on major social networks, pose questions to users on these platforms, and solicit responses from newsletter subscribers and visitors to the corporate website.

4. Plan to contribute.

One of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make is how much time to devote to developing content for the online educational community.

Spending valuable resources on a platform that you do not own may appear to be a foolish venture. But if you want to grow and develop, you need to commit some energy and resources to build actual value in your group.

This could include initiating meetings with others in the group, establishing group norms for respectful interactions, or investing time into developing group activities.

But if you want to grow your group, you need to dedicate at least some of your time and energy to building group value, because if you do not do that your group will stagnate and die a slow death.

5. Build partnerships.

Promoting your company’s community on third-party sites and groups is critical to social media success, Network with other group owners and forum moderators on platforms like LinkedIn to cross-promote one another’s communities, Reach out to influential bloggers and news media to promote your business’s community.

Your online community can gain recognition by being included in “best of” and “top 50” style lists Such efforts can bring members to your group Invite participants to join your online platform, and highlight discussions of interest.

6. Tap advocates.

Maintain your real-world relationships If you will be sharing your product or company online, make sure it will benefit your real-life relationships You can share information about your product online, but make sure you do it in a way your prospects and customers can learn from—not only from your company, but from community leaders, peers, and friends.

Ask your friends, colleagues, and relatives to participate. This will create a strong center for the new community based on existing relationships Such advocates might include current customers, users, colleagues, influencers, and even relatives Ask them not only to participate, but also advocate on Invite friends, family, and colleagues on your behalf The more people you invite, the more likely you are to drum up support.

7. Go for the long haul.   

As opposed to a marketing campaign, online community engagement via social media does not have a set end date. Create a strategy that you can stick to in the long run.

Consider hiring a team of dedicated, focused individuals or hiring a professional social-media consulting firm. When you start to gain traction, redouble your efforts to build on your success.

By Miles Jennings

Miles Jennings is the founder and CEO of Recruiter.com, an AI-powered hiring platform that provides on-demand recruiting solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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