3 powerful things that influence anyone’s decision to market your product.

Marketing is not advertising. It’s not posted on social media or emailed, and it certainly isn’t spamming people’s LinkedIn inbox for days on end. Marketing includes many of these methods, but none of them makes what to market your product.

It is important to understand that every customer who comes into your business goes through a process or journey that leads them toward or away from your business. Whether they are attracted to or loathed by your business depends on every touchpoint in your entire marketing plan.

In this process, the consumer has personal inclinations programmed and ready to be activated. Hence, every human on this planet has a human experience that reflects the suffering and struggle of humanity.

We, psychologically, are looking for comfort. This we realized when we discovered fire, invented tools, and recognized its ability to provide more comfort.

Now, after countless thousands of co-working hours, we have a community and digital infrastructure that allows me to reach you today, wherever I am. Technologically, we are constantly striving to become better, stronger, faster, smaller, more flexible, and smarter to make our posture more comfortable and safer.

Today we have eliminated many factors and variables that were limiting the lifespan and therefore, we continue to improve. Many consumers are now consciously interested in becoming better, healthier, or achieving more growth that we seek rather than passivity, avoiding pain.

Where our minds will not catch up unconsciously. Evolutionarily speaking, we still operate with a mind that aims to keep us alive in times of danger.

That’s why, psychologically, we’re willing to walk away from what annoys us, tend to be comfortable, and have the ability to research the community for signs that it’s “safe” for the consumer to look at your products and services.

Use these three psychological tendencies to create a marketing strategy that not only attracts attention and activates brain chemicals the way consumers crave, but also creates conversions through the use of psychological tendencies embedded in our biological nature.

market your product

1. Tilt confirmation

Consumers like to feel right. They like to feel as if they know what is going to happen next. As if they were ahead of the curve because they picked up hidden clues. The emphasizing tendency is an important factor in shaping copy, content, and creative marketing strategies.

When a consumer feels as though your content confirms suspicions they already have, they will easily get along with you as a member of your team…Incredibly, there is a chemical in the brain that controls all of this, a neurotransmitter called oxytocin. We are social beings and are supposed to have human connections.

When we know that there are other people on our side, not only do we think we are more protected (even if we are within an intangible entity like a company), but we also feel the mastery of love, oxytocin. We communicate with each other instantly and are eager for more.

Do market research and understand your customer by heart. Create content that supports their interests and see your conversion rates go up.

2. influence others

Since we all want to feel part of society, there are many psychological things we will do to test the situation and make sure that we do nothing that goes against social norms.

This is built into our psychological development for the purpose of maintaining our integrity, like most of our psychological tendencies.

Another way to benefit from the need for community and connection with others is the cart effect, also called social proof.

When we see that other people have taken the risk of trying a product, we feel more confident in the idea that the product can work, that we’re not the only ones trying it, and that if we make a mistake using it, we won’t be the only one experiencing the consequences.

3. Tilt without any risks

When your business has momentum, it’s important to maintain it. Your product or service is already working. You know that without a doubt. That is why you are selling it. Psychologically, we are always moving away from fear and uncertainty.

Since we want to reduce our discomfort and our exposure to risk, companies can take advantage of this by learning without risk.

Release a money-back guarantee, results guarantee, or any other type of guarantee that shows your confidence. The consumer will reflect your trust and then you will earn their trust instantly. This is one of the easiest ways to use psychological tendencies to eliminate risk and increase conversations.

Try placing one of these safeguards on your website and watch the conversations rise. As long as your product works and solves the problem you mentioned it’s dealing with, that’s a pleasant surprise.

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