creativity in business book…4books that guide you the way

creativity in business book is a very complex process, and complexity is an inherent component of creativity. In the sense that creativity emerges from a complex world, yet ultimately seeks to facilitate and simplify it.

In terms of corporate inventiveness, it does not differ from this description. Rather, it is more difficult, as long as we understand that there are numerous people and institutions that are constantly opposed to and antagonistic to any creative endeavor.

creativity in business book

And if creativity in business book , or creativity in general, is a requirement that cannot be ignored for freelancers or small and medium-sized business owners, then “entrepreneurs” will try to refer to four books on creativity in companies that can take your hand and guide you on the right path, as follows.

Book: The 60 Second Innovator

creativity in business book ...4books that guide you the way
creativity in business book

Jeff Davidson begins; the author of this book, which is the first book on corporate creativity, begins with a basic idea: that rejecting the status quo, even if it is comfortable, is the first thing that should be mentioned when wanting to be creative and innovative; 

In essence, it is a revolution against the present and a rejection of the familiar, except that its rejection is not a negation for the sake of negation, but rather it seeks to take this rejection and turn it into something positive.

The creative mindset is structured in such a way that it does not believe that what is available is the best that can be done; what is feasible is never endless, and are human powers limited?!

When confronted with a challenge, the importance of this mental structure and way of dealing with things becomes apparent; in the meantime, the tendency is to search for the best ways to overcome the challenge, and even if one is found, there is always a search for something better, easier, and more feasible.If we’re talking about company creativity, we have to talk about creative planning, which is something the author didn’t overlook.

He emphasized the importance of allowing the mind to wander at will and dive into daydreams; perhaps among these dreams you’ll find a dream that can be realized, and the mind may lead you to a completely new area; therefore, let your imagination run free and it will take care of creation.

Also, talking about creativity in the workplace is incomplete without discussing brainstorming, which is a technique that opens creative avenues in participants’ minds and sorts out ideas; it seeks to allow inventive thinking to flow freely without censorship or rejection.

To achieve the desired results from brainstorming, the characteristics of the problem being discussed must be clearly stated, and it is also important to reassure the participants that the group will not mock or reject any ideas, and it must be ensured that everyone gives their opinion in this discussion and engages in it intensely and actively, and it is also important not to stop at a point when the group’s ideas run out around it, but to move on to the next one.

Book: How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation

creativity in business book ...4books that guide you the way
creativity in business book

The authors of this book, which is the second on corporate creativity, argue that “idea analytics” can provide a practical way to turn ephemeral data into specific data, and that by doing so, a company can discover a set of facts and foundations that will govern its approach to innovation and its pursuit of it in general.

This understanding of once-groundbreaking and original concepts allows us to not only explain but also analyze the company’s current situation and the most likely scenarios it will encounter in the future.

If speed is a benefit, or rather, the most conspicuous feature of the modern-day, it entails a certain level of danger. As a result, companies that stand still and do not improve their skills, or even those that just adapt to the present, will vanish and cease to exist in the near future.

According to some market experts, as indicated by the authors of this book – which we have guided by the framework for enhancing corporate innovation – four out of every ten companies that dominate the market in their sectors today will not exist in 2027, while those that remain will face surviving in a radically different environment; because technology is still in its early stages of development.

To ensure that the ideas and developments you produce will have a good and feasible impact, you should use the following innovation measurement methods; To ensure that the ideas and developments you produce will have a good and feasible impact, you should use the following innovation measurement methods.

The book recommends the following methods: comparing yourself to others, understanding what your thoughts mean to others, clarity of company goals, and core value assessment.

Book:  Zero to One

creativity in business book ...4books that guide you the way
creativity in business book …4books that guide you the way

Peter Thiel and the Black Masters are adamantly opposed. In their well-known joint book “Zero to One” – one of the foundational books on corporate creativity and creativity in general – they emphasize the option of globalization, which is a summary of the idea of horizontal development, on the one hand, and the inevitability and necessity of innovation, and then the marriage between innovation and entrepreneurship on the other.

The concept offered here is absolutely groundbreaking. If you want to get into the business world, you must be innovative, and this recipe is regarded as the secret to the success of all startups by writers Peter Thiel and Blake Masters.

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Peter Thiel and Blake Masters argue that innovation is the essence of entrepreneurship, but they also emphasize that innovation must be original – creativity in business  seeks to enhance its originality from the ground up – in the sense that it works to create an idea/product… etc. from scratch; that is, it did not exist previously.

The argument they present in this is simple but pivotal, and it is to the effect that when an entrepreneur starts from a pre-existing business, he may reach another stage and fail, but when he starts his project from scratch; in other words, when he comes up with his new pioneering idea on his own and does not develop the idea of others, the idea is more likely to be a huge success.

As a result, it can be stated that the first thing that the entrepreneur must do is ensure that he or she does not repeat something that has already been done.

A great entrepreneur needs adventure, not only to try something no one has done before but also to be willing to jump into the unknown river; perhaps he will discover a precious hidden treasure that no one has noticed before.

Peter Thiel regards this journey and ultimate experimentation as a guarantee of success, in contrast to traditional thinking that emphasizes the need to follow in the footsteps of the past.

The approach given in this book—an excellent guide to business innovation emphasizes the need of avoiding traditional remedies; if it had been successful and effective, the problem would not have resurfaced.Peter Thiel’s belief that invention should not be repeated and that progress should be vertical rather than horizontal leads to flawed assumptions.

Book: Why Simple Wins?

creativity in business book ...4books that guide you the way
creativity in business book

Connects innovation specialist Lisa Bodell; in her book Why Simple Wins, she claims that a simple strategy will make organizations more productive, and worker satisfaction ratings will be greater as well.

The truth is that working with the contents of this book is the only method to improve corporate creativity.

It appears clear that management science is undergoing radical change and development. Since the time when “agile” – a method of managing software projects – was introduced into corporate management, many visions and strategies have been proposed; in order to achieve a different administrative style than in the past, and to be more able to adapt and respond to the data of the current era of speed.

However, the author believes that removing complexity from the workplace will lead to more creativity. Complexity is a trap, and many individuals, especially corporate directors and team leaders, believe they are in safe and warm waters when they complicate their work and argument.

Although the cost of this complexity is very high, including wasting time, draining effort, customer fatigue, and so on, the simplification strategy comes not to absolve or save us from the complexity trap, but rather to enable us to obtain many opportunities and gains that were previously unavailable to us because We are overwhelmed with complexity and engrossed in it.

According to the book’s author, we will not be able to learn the art of simplicity and get rid of everything that is redundant about us, as well as that which is unnecessary or necessary, all at once or on our own.

The overall trend that enjoys and is captivated by intricacy.As long as we’re talking about company innovation, leaders, chairmen of boards of directors, and managers must believe in the importance of simplicity and the necessity of shortening and shortening the steps; that is, turning simplicity into a strategy, which the company will lose a lot if it does not go to, and it is certainly possible to study customer satisfaction rates in companies that are overly complex and lengthy.

Simple-minded leaders have the fortitude to say “no” to everything that is difficult, superfluous, or pointless, and they are willing to make risky decisions. They can also erase, subtract, and give up extras and impediments.

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