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7 steps to design a unique website

7 steps to design a unique website
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First of all, I congratulate you on making the right decision that will push your business forward in terms of progress and innovation. developing a unique website for your project that will bring visitors and customers interested in what you have to offer, not only in local but also in global markets; Your website is available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The seven stages mentioned below are the basic processes required to design a unique website and are responsible for starting your business.

7 steps to design a unique website

design a unique website

design a unique website

1. The name of the site

We skipped the idea generation process since you already have a successful project concept that you want to launch, or you already have an existing project and want to construct a distinctive website for it. The first thing that comes to mind is the site’s name. And we won’t dwell too long on the significance of selecting a domain name.

However, you should first consider the necessity of selecting an easy and straightforward name for the site that is easy to speak, recall, and remember. It is also ideal if it is only a few characters long, such as

The name’s goal is to become a well-known brand.

The term “brand” refers to a well-known brand, and with the passage of time and the building of your credibility as a popular site, you will make huge jumps towards success that you could not have imagined; the lesson is in those who believed, not those who had previously.

Website logo design

The site logo is just as vital as the name since people will know it and you will use it to protect your intellectual and property rights, such as on images and videos. As a result, the next step that experts recommend after selecting a site name is to hire a professional designer to create your site’s logo; it is quite tough to change them in the future.

Additional Designs You’ll Need

Other designs will be required, such as the picture of your official page on social networking sites and the image of the header image for the same accounts. You will also need to create identity cards to distribute to persons you know or who are interested in your industry so that they may contact you if they require your aid or services. If you’re going to use videos in your project, you’ll almost certainly need an introduction to your site to be included in all of the videos you make.

2. Website design and programming

design a unique website

design a unique website


In this step, you begin to put the site into action by designing and programming it, and when you work with the designer or programmer – a website developer – he will ask you several questions, the most important of which are as follows:

Q1: What is the idea of your site?

You will be asked to explain the concept of the site, its significance, what you want to express to your visitors, or, in a nutshell, why you decided to develop a website. It is possible that the goal of this site is to allow customers to purchase your products online, that its purpose is to communicate with and service your customers, or that its sole function is to blog. And the design and programming will be based on the purpose and objective of your site.

Q2: Do you need special design and programming, or is the existing software sufficient?

After you’ve told the developer about your idea, they’ll ask you this question:

There are numerous projects that can be managed using pre-existing scripts and software, such as WordPress for blog administration, OpenCart for online store creation, and many others depending on the purpose and objective.

If you want to use previously available software, the programmer will detail it for you and finish the site design for you.

If you want special programming from the start, the developer will begin by creating the shape of the site and programming the site according to your idea and vision, until the site achieves the optimal form that You want to wake him up.

3. Hosting and launching the website

Another critical step is to select the appropriate hosting for your site so that you do not have frequent outages and lose site visitors. The website developer who designed and programmed it will have sufficient knowledge of the finest hosting option for your site.

Hosting that is appropriate for a basic blog may not be appropriate for creating a customer service site with payment options; the techniques and degrees of protection will also differ depending on the operation of the site.

4. Content of the site

7 steps to design a unique website

design a unique website

We don’t just mean the written content of the site, nor the visual content of videos and images, but the content for which the site was built; if your goal is to sell your own products and tools, then the content will be these products, their reports, and their images; if your site is a blog through which you communicate your company’s ideas to your followers, the content will be written articles, audios, videos, or images.

5. Configure the site for search engines “SEO”

You can configure the site for search engine SEO yourself or pay a professional freelancer to do it for you. This is one of the vital stages that will help you bring targeted traffic from search engines for free.

The most significant aspect of SEO is to prepare the site internally in accordance with the worldwide standards imposed by the Internet, and the second is to gather social signals and backlinks from reputable sites.

design a unique website

design a unique website

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In terms of on-page SEO

All pages of your site are optimized for search engines in this phase of SEO, using a variety of internal elements such as titles, meta-codes, and interlinking between articles. Additionally, having a custom template for your site that is responsive to different browsers and devices, as well as site performance, are two of the most critical elements that influence your site’s internal SEO.

In terms of off-page SEO

There are elements that search engines use to rank websites, such as external site mentions and social network mentions; therefore, if your site is mentioned by a reputable site, it will increase the worth of your site.

6. Use social networks correctly

design a unique website

design a unique website

Social networks are no longer just for chatting and playing games; their use has risen in recent years and has a significant impact on the ranking of your current site in search engines. As a result, it is best to set aside time to create social media postings, which include photographs, texts, videos, and infographics; this keeps you in touch with your audience of social media followers, who are likely to become interested clients in the future.

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7. Key Performance Indicators

You performed your job, you worked hard, but in the end, the figures and the outcome will determine whether your efforts were worthwhile.

7 steps to design a unique website

The average amount of visitors to your site, interaction with what you publish on your site through reading, comments, and sharing your content on social media are all examples of these indicators. Furthermore, a low bounce rate suggests that your content is distinctive and that the user is engaged in your website.

In other cases, such as sites that sell products, the indicators of success are dependent on the rate of return on the site owner’s investment, as opposed to basic sites that do not offer products.

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