What is digital trading | Digital trading explained for beginners

The term “digital trading” or “cryptocurrency trading” refers to gambling on currency price changes and purchasing and selling underlying currencies through an exchange. Many operations are derived from digital trading, such as CFD trading, which allows you to wager on Bitcoin price movements without owning the underlying currencies.

You can buy cryptocurrencies if you believe their value will rise, or sell them if you believe their value will fall. Because both operations are integrated into leveraged instruments, you just need a little deposit known as the trading margin to have full access to the primary market.

Bitcoin was the first digital currency to be created in 2009, and it continues to occupy the top spot in terms of market valuation and penetration despite the development of other rival currencies.

Digital trading, like stocks and other financial markets, may appear hard at first glance because it incorporates a variety of distinct components and necessitates a certain level of knowledge. 

So, before deciding on a cryptocurrency trading strategy, it is critical to understand the approaches and concepts that will assist you to make the proper judgments.

This tutorial will teach you the most essential digital trading tactics, as well as cryptocurrency trading platforms and applications, trading components, trading patterns, and the significance of technical and fundamental analysis in developing a comprehensive trading strategy. 

Digital trading for beginners

digital trading
digital trading

There are numerous approaches to trading cryptocurrencies, but be sure that all of these methods necessitate a proper understanding of the subject, as well as the risks involved and the regulations that govern them, before deciding on the method of trading that is best for you.

Subscribe to the cryptocurrency exchange

You must first register an account with a cryptocurrency exchange, and the finest digital brokers on the market include Coinbase, eToro, and Gemini, all of which have a simple user interface and a large selection of altcoins to choose from.

To open an account with a digital broker, you must first give them personally identifiable information, like your address, date of birth, Social Security number, and email address.

Put money into your account.

When you open a brokerage account, you must link your bank account. The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges offer bank deposits via debit cards and wire transfers, which are the most cost-effective options.

Choose a digital currency in which to invest.

The bulk of cryptocurrency traders invest in Bitcoin and Ether, but you can also invest in other cryptocurrencies. True, they are riskier than digital currencies with big market capitalizations, but alternative cryptocurrencies offer greater upside potential.

Start trading

If you’re looking for a trading strategy, you can plunge into the digital trading experience firsthand by using a tool like Coinrule. The bots will carry out activities that are designed to give you the highest potential profits based on your investment objectives. Automated trading allows you to generate money quickly while also allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio.

Store your cryptocurrency

If you are actively trading, you must keep your funds in the exchange to access them. If you intend to keep your cryptocurrency for a long time, you can invest in a bitcoin wallet, for example.

Among the bitcoin wallets are two types: Software wallets and hardware wallets.

Both provide some level of security, but hardware wallets provide the most because they store your digital cash in a physical device that is not linked to the internet.

Digital Trading Basics

The cryptocurrency market never sleeps, and the value of each coin changes by the second. As a result, it is critical to have a complete understanding of the intricacies of this sector to make sound decisions and obtain the best value possible. Here are some fundamental concepts to assist you to get through this step:

Cryptocurrency trading structure

The trading system is made up of two opposing sides: the seller and the buyer, with one earning more than the other. In other words, you can think of trading as a game with a winner and a loser. To avoid losing money, you must first grasp how bitcoin markets function.

When the buyer and seller agree on a price, the transaction is performed through the exchange, and the market establishes the asset’s worth. Buyers typically set lower prices than sellers, resulting in two sides of the order book.

digital trading
digital trading

You’ve probably heard the adage “buy low, sell high.” While this adage symbolizes the market’s incentives for buyers and sellers, high and low prices can be quite relative. If you want to buy something, you will always want to spend the least amount of money feasible.

If you want to sell something, you should make as much money as possible. This may be sound advice in general, but there is an additional issue to consider in this game, and that is the range.

Long-term investors will purchase an asset in the hopes of profiting from the asset’s upward price trend, which may take time. However, if you plan to trade in the short term, you will sell the item with the purpose of repurchasing it when its price falls more.[1]

Read the markets

Sometimes the market appears like a sophisticated system that only an expert can grasp. However, cryptocurrencies are not restricted to this category, and the concept will become a lot simpler once you follow this step-by-step approach.

Market reading is a continuous process that assists you in identifying patterns or trends. In general, the market moves in two directions: bullish and bearish. When the price movement increases, the market rises.

These increasing-price changes are often known as “pumps” and are triggered by rising demand. When the price movement decreases due to limited demand, the market recognizes a downward movement.

Digital trading explained for beginners (1)
Digital trading explained for beginners

Technical analysis is performed by evaluating past market data such as price and volume to forecast price movement. You can use a range of technical analysis indicators to assess the market. Here are some simple tools that may aid you in this process:

Cycles and market structure

Traders can discover market patterns in hours, days, and months, but they may also identify patterns across years of shifting price action by examining the underlying market structure and cycles.

whale chase

Price changes are influenced by whales or large-cap traders. Some whales operate as “market makers,” creating supply and demand to benefit. Whales are not confined to cryptocurrency markets; they may also be found in the stock market, commodities,

A solid digital trading strategy is acquainted with the trading tools preferred by whales. By predicting their goals, you can profit by acting in unison with their plans.

Basic Instruments

The ability to observe market cycles and patterns and place yourself in them may boost your odds of taking the right measures, but it is not enough to ensure your success in the realm of digital trading. There are several other indicators you should consider before implementing your trading strategy.

both support and opposition

Support refers to a price level that is heading downward, whereas resistance refers to a price level that is trending higher.

Many cryptocurrency traders employ support and resistance levels to speculate on price direction by identifying floor and ceiling barriers. If the price crosses these two boundaries, it indicates how the market is feeling in general.

Lines of Trend

While the static support and resistance barriers seen above are useful trading aids, they deteriorate over time as prices move higher or lower. The “trend line” depicts the market’s overall direction, which is determined by a series of support and resistance levels.

numbers that are rounded

Round values, such as 4500.00 or 4756.00, simply refer to price levels that do not include decimals. The closer the bitcoin price, for example, gets to a value evenly divisible by $10000, the stronger the coin’s emotion, as investors believe the price will struggle to break through that level, generating resistance.

Averages of movement

Moving averages are a basic and useful indicator that shows data from both support and resistance levels as well as trend lines. When analyzed, the moving average is a good indicator of short-term momentum.

Digital trading explained for beginners
Digital trading explained for beginners

graph patterns

Although the purpose of market charts is the same, the methods used to create them vary depending on the investor. Candlestick charts are one of the most popular charts for analyzing market price movement since they provide more information than a line or bar charts. The price points in a candlestick statement are open, closed, high, and low.

digital trading
digital trading

The rectangular shape and the lines above and below the shape that mimics a wick are what give it the name candlestick. Depending on the color, the wide section of the candle shows the open or close of the price, and the wicks indicate the price range in which the asset is trading.

Fundamental Examining

Fundamental analysis, as opposed to technical analysis, which involves the study of market data to formulate a digital trading strategy, refers to the study of the industry, technology, or underlying assets that comprise a specific market.

Fundamental analysis allows you to determine whether an asset is well-founded or a result of a social media frenzy before making an investment decision, consider the following factors:


Before investing in a cryptocurrency, you should evaluate the competence of the people behind it by answering questions such as:

What is the history of the cryptocurrency?

What software projects have they previously brought to market?

How involved are they in designing the token’s underlying protocol?

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The social structure

Bringing together users, token holders, and enthusiasts can result in a significant amount of power. You should be aware that every new technology has a major social component. Although there may be a lot of negative energy since there is a lot of money at stake, society can also be a place of drive and enthusiasm.

Technical Particulars

Technical analysis should not be confused with technical specifications, which refer to the network’s algorithm, version characteristics, maximum token supply, and distribution plan. The investor must decide whether these characteristics support the planned investment.


Although the main purpose of introducing Bitcoin was to utilize it as electronic money, developers and entrepreneurs are always on a path of the invention to find new uses for it and construct new protocols to accommodate a wide range of applications.


Liquidity is a key indicator of market health. Is this asset supported by credible exchanges? Is a proper trading/transaction volume in place? Is there a presence of key stakeholders in the market? If so, what influence do their trading strategies have?

Marketing and branding

Most bitcoin networks lack a personal or corporate shopping center. This does not preclude branding and marketing from arising as a result of the procedure over time.

A comparison of the marketing efforts of developers, corporations, organizations, and community members, on the other hand, can provide deep insight into how some investors promote value propositions with audiences.


Infrastructure Cryptocurrency infrastructure refers to one component of the project’s technical requirements, thus you must delve deep into the real physical look of the protocol in issue, regardless of what is mentioned in white papers or presented at conferences.

It is critical to first identify the stakeholders, which include developers, auditors, merchants, and users, before identifying network supervisors and their role in protecting the infrastructure, validating the network,

 Blockchain Analysis

All digital currencies are primarily based on blockchain technology, which has resulted in the birth of a new type of analysis based on blockchain data.

By examining supply and demand trends, transaction costs, and other factors, analysts may make accurate qualitative and quantitative judgments on the robustness of the bitcoin blockchain network and its price dynamics in a range of marketplaces.

The analysts in these operations seek out signals and patterns in cryptocurrency trading, changes in buying and selling, and any network-related activities to forecast likely future price movements and investor reactions to imminent events.

Cryptocurrency trading and stock trading

Although both are liquid assets that should be included in your financial portfolio, they are not the same.

Stocks are ownership stakes in a publicly traded corporation. An investor can earn from the sale of his shares to other investors. Capital gain is the difference between what you paid for the asset and what you earn when you sell it. The benefits of owning stock are entirely dependent on the firm in question.

Digital currencies are assets with no physical presence. Digital currencies are recorded in computer ledgers as records, and each unit is represented by a token.

Risks associated with digital trading

The risk factor is a significant consideration in digital trading. Despite all of these market analyses, predicting the future of a currency with confidence is impossible.

As a result, it is your responsibility to prepare to take responsibility, examine your position, and calculate the margin of loss that you are willing to accept before deciding to trade.

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