Reading franchise books…5 books that guide you the way

What is the benefit of reading franchise books? If you want to build a business or franchise a brand, it’s a mistake to ask the question this way. The root of the problem is that theory usually takes precedence over practice, and there is no way to practice seriously without accurate theory.

This is exactly why reading franchise books is so important; An aspiring entrepreneur will be able to determine his path, make an informed decision, and, accordingly, promote his project.

Read franchise books

The most important stage before becoming a franchisor is to devote time to researching the franchise market; however, this is impossible without both practical and scientific assistance; thus, Entrepreneurs has compiled a list of 5 franchise books for you to read and review.

Brick and Mortar Franchise Success book

Brick and Mortar Franchise Success book
Brick and Mortar Franchise Success book

This is the first book we recommend on our franchise reading list; “Carolyn Miller” found several strategies to save money and time before, during, and after the building and construction phases of a new project.

Franchisees will find various ideas in this book that may be adopted immediately to effectively train and support franchisees as they prepare to launch.

Grantees can use this book as a guide as they select a location, form their build team, and begin the pre-unlock stages. This book provides conclusive evidence of the value of reading franchise literature.

Franchising for Dummies book

Franchising for Dummies book
Franchising for Dummies book

Franchising for Dummies, like all previous volumes in the Dummies series, assumes that the reader has no prior understanding of the franchise market; hence, it provides its content simply, fluently, and concisely.

Another advantage of this book is that it was co-written by creator Dave Thomas, who founded one of the largest fast-food franchises in the United States.

The book emphasizes the franchise’s strengths more than its flaws, yet it nevertheless offers helpful and necessary information.

The Educated Franchisee book

Reading franchise books...5 books that guide you the way
franchise books

We can’t talk about franchise books without mentioning this book, the most recent version of which was published in 2017.

The book has a unique mix of being ideal for rapid reading while still including a lot of precise technical information, language that is clear and succinct, and advice that is organically right and extremely useful.

If you include it on your franchise reading list, the book will help you determine whether a franchise is suited for you, as well as filter through all of the research needed in the process and get directly to what you should truly be searching for.

The first section of the book assists you in determining whether purchasing a franchise is suitable for you, while the second section provides you with all of the tools you need to determine whether purchasing a specific franchise will work for you. The final section focuses on practical ideas for starting a franchise from the bottom up.

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Franchising 101 book

Franchising 101 book
Franchising 101 book

This book is the definitive guide to finding, buying, operating, and ultimately growing successful franchise business, with clear, concise explanations of the issues involved.

Ann Duggan, the book’s general editor, is also the executive director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship Excellence at the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, which includes the Center for Small Business Development, the Center for Fellows in Entrepreneurship, and the Center for Family Enterprise.

The Association of Small Business Development Centers and the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers have teamed up to put up an educational, easy-to-read source of information on how to buy a franchise.

This means that reading franchise books, like this one, allows you to view the greatest ideas from professionals in the area, which will help you move confidently in your steps.

Franchise Bible book

Franchise Bible book
Franchise Bible book

The current edition of the Franchise Bible, co-authored by franchise specialist Rick Grossman and franchise attorney Michael J. Katz, conveys decades of knowledge on the success of the franchise.

The Franchise Bible assists prospective franchisees in determining if a franchise is suited for them and recognizing the indicators of a solid franchise opportunity.

In addition, the guide assists potential franchisees in determining the best strategy to develop their business, comprehending the secrets to franchising success, and evaluating potential franchisees. Can anybody doubt the value of reading such novels after all of this?!!


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