5 trends reveal the future of online video marketing in 2022

In 2022, the rate of consumption of digital and online video marketing shows no signs of declining. Several changes have occurred in the world around us over the past year, most notably that individuals are spending more time at home consuming and interacting with materials via computers and mobile devices.

On the other hand, social media has experienced significant growth. It has evolved from a way to comment, like, and share material into an important artery for communicating and interacting with the outside world; Take advantage of additional features and tools, and stick to emerging trends.

“As a supportive and stimulating communication platform, we will continue to deploy all capabilities that will enhance innovation and generate the highest value for users,” stated a Bigo Live spokeswoman.

Online video marketing in 2022

Video marketing was the greatest of all the content made; so, here are the five trends everyone should consider when it comes to internet video marketing in 2022.

5 trends reveal the future of online video marketing in 2022

Trend 1: Live broadcasting is gaining more growth

According to research firm Tech jury, the live broadcasting market achieved 99 percent growth between April 2019 and April 2020, and the sector is predicted to reach $184.27 billion by 2027.

Live broadcasting has numerous advantages for both individuals and businesses. Because it demonstrates their trustworthiness and dependability by demonstrating their competence in their respective industries practically instantly.

Furthermore, by broadcasting live video material, people and businesses can leave a positive impression on them in terms of confidence in themselves, expertise and knowledge, and the ability to communicate with their followers and audience.

By interviewing renowned industry experts, having a press conference, or even hosting live shopping events, live video broadcasts can be used to engage your viewers and make an impression on the broadcast.

Trend 2: Unleashing the live broadcast trend of e-commerce activities

Live shopping events followed by an invitation to live e-shopping sessions are among the latest e-commerce trends that are predicted to dominate the world in the coming years. In reality, streaming shopping has become a significant craze in China.

The value of China’s live-streamed e-commerce sector increased by 280 percent between 2017 and 2020, and it is currently on track to become a $423 billion market by the end of next year.

According to McKinsey, certain Western companies, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Walmart, are arranging live commerce events to promote their products and have already expanded their live broadcast program to Europe and North America.

Because shopping is a form of social communication, therapy, entertainment, and, in some cases, an urgent necessity for people in the MENA region, live broadcasting will inevitably become an alternative way for people to easily and conveniently view their favorite products and services from the comfort of their homes.

5 trends reveal the future of online video marketing in 2022

Trend 3: Video marketing creators monetizing with new social media platforms

Earning money from content is dependent on two factors: providing a suitable platform for advertising and having a content creator ready to host adverts. In order to earn income, both demand attention and participation.

Advertisers must be willing to finance influential broadcasters via social media and live broadcasts, regardless of form; this is why social media platforms directly controlled by content creators have gained such traction.

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According to a report released by the research firm App Annie, live video broadcasting is expected to continue to support and boost the creators economy of $ 78 billion through 2025, and content creators are at the heart of this growth, and their fans can now subscribe to channels or contribute to the support of content creators. This lessens their dependency on the platform’s advertising revenue.

5 trends reveal the future of online video marketing in 2022

Trend 4: Establishing Brands Through Social Media Video Content Marketing

Video marketing is the most effective means to transmit and retain the information; viewers retain approximately 95% of the message delivered in videos, compared to 10% when reading text.

In terms of brands, marketers who use video have raised their income 49 percent quicker than non-video users, and the secret to success is capturing the viewer’s attention; by offering information that is interesting, amusing, or both.

In fact, video streaming on social media produces 1200% more shares than text and photos combined, and 81% of people believe videos promoting specific businesses have persuaded them to buy a product or service.

With the foregoing in mind, live video broadcasting will have a prominent presence; because it will play an important role in the consumer journey, motivating customers to purchase products, services, or experiences.

Trend 5: Immersive experiences and the adoption of hypothetical future versions of the Internet (Metaverse) are starting to take shape on the ground

The use of XR (Extended Reality, a group of linked technologies that allows us to merge the actual and virtual worlds) is becoming increasingly accessible to individuals and is getting ingrained in many organizations.

Companies from a variety of industries, such as healthcare providers who use virtual and augmented reality for self-guided diagnostics and retail stores that offer “try before you buy” experiences, are utilizing this technology to provide unprecedented virtual experiences.

To achieve market growth and capitalize on this demand, some of the largest companies, including “Apple,” “Microsoft,” and “Samsung,” are looking to adopt and provide virtual reality and augmented reality or “Metaverse” solutions.

5 trends reveal the future of online video marketing in 2022

In the future, we may anticipate seeing more system designs developed and tested in order to solidify the metaverse technology. In November, the social networking site, formerly known as Facebook, debuted an unprecedented technology: digital gloves that allow people to interact with objects in the digital world.

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Regardless of the ever-changing social media landscape, the key to success in 2022 is understanding and meeting your audience’s expectations, as well as knowing where and how they spend their time there and meeting them; by providing content that matches their aspirations, regardless of the medium, whether through a screen, virtual reality technology, augmented reality, or the upcoming “Metaverse” technology.

Customers are required to be the major focus of every piece of content, marketing, or plan put in place to assist develop a strong presence for them in the future, now more than ever.

Today’s social media platforms can keep up with this strong competition, establish their presence, and attain excellence by using emerging social media trends to develop long-term objectives.

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