Why do people prefer Apple products? loyalty and belonging

Why do people prefer Apple products? loyalty and belonging
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In the last ten years, Apple has been one of the most innovative and innovative technology companies. Of course, no one can deny Apple’s ability to persuade millions of people to queue for hours just to buy a phone, and in this regard, we must ask a critical question:

Why do people prefer Apple products? With each new product launch, Apple has been able to instill a level of excitement in millions of its customers around the world that is unmatched anywhere else; in fact, many buyers queuing at Apple Stores around the world can’t wait for the product to be released. Agents and distributors then sell the new ones.

Why do people prefer Apple products? loyalty and belonging

Ease of use

Despite the wonderful specifications that the company puts in its products, it is keen to make it easy and simple to use so that users do not face problems, as it relies on providing devices that suit all ages and needs of individuals, and it has been able to change the view of the elderly about the difficulty of using devices, as they were trying to avoid buying them as much as possible by introducing the ios system for phones, which is a unique system that differs significantly from the Android system.

Quality of manufacturing materials

The frame of Apple’s products is made of strong aluminum, which means it won’t break if it falls or collides with something else. Good sound quality ensures clarity and purity.

attractive design

Apple products are distinguished by their distinct design from other products, which has led to widespread acceptance of their purchase. Despite the high costs of manufacturing materials, Apple is not following in the footsteps of other companies that use design to demonstrate the device’s high cost. Apple, on the other hand, presents all of its devices with a simple and appealing design, believing that simplicity is the key to beauty and allure.

Why do people prefer Apple products? loyalty and belonging

Marketing their products well

At a time when competitors, particularly mobile phone companies, rely on focusing solely on products and providing phones at low prices to target the low and few middle classes in society in order to increase sales, Apple approaches marketing from a different perspective, focusing on the upper class and some middle groups.

Apple was able to gain customer trust and increase its market share by focusing on the needs of individuals, and sometimes even exceeding those needs, whereas other companies’ sales declined because they did not focus on providing products of appropriate quality to the customer’s needs.

It gives them a sense of exclusivity and luxury.

Some may be surprised, but the high cost of Apple products is one of the main reasons for its popularity and desire to be purchased by some. This is due to the viewpoint of high-end owners, who prefer to buy expensive products even if they are not of high quality or compatible with their needs because they give them a sense of luxury and distinction.

Unique apps for Apple products

Apple places different versions of regular applications, but with higher quality, that can only be downloaded through iPhone devices, such as the blue WhatsApp app and Snapchat. Only iPhone devices can use it, and it can only be used with the iOS system, the most well-known of which is the pushbullet app.


It allows you to transfer files from your phone to your computer and vice versa. In addition to the Readability application, which is one of the wonderful applications, it is distinguished by its speed of performance and the ability to send large files. It allows you to easily and quickly download videos from any website, as well as block ads in all applications. It is also known for its speed.

Blind loyalty or just a desire to belong?

Looking at the above, we can conclude that Apple relies on inputs, evaluations, and ideas at every stage of product development and marketing. While some may believe that Apple has a separate marketing department that oversees all of its ads and design, the company and its customers are the marketing department that achieves all of these successes.

Apple is the leader in the technology industry, and its customers are loyal, so when they try something new, they end up returning to Apple. Sure, you can try an Android device for a while out of curiosity or get around some of the restrictions that the company imposes on its products, but as soon as Apple releases new versions, you’ll be back to again.

So, why would someone sympathize so strongly with a brand for engaging in such behavior? In fact, this question addresses three aspects of the phenomenon:


Apple has done an excellent job of developing a brand that allows its customers to identify those who think differently, and while the company is now a market leader and purchasing an iPhone is the same as purchasing a computer, there are still implications to this that can be associated with a feeling the person himself.

successful leadership

The actual product and the company itself are the second driving force behind the strong relationship between customers and Apple products. This is influenced by factors such as the perceived value of the product, the level of service provided with and after the purchase, and the overall level of trust in both the product and the company.

Apple customers have benefited from a product experience that was created by dedicated employees who worked tirelessly to improve the company’s product. They have put their time and effort into producing exquisite artwork.

Constantly improving

Every new product introduced by Apple creates a sensation all over the world, thanks to continuous improvements, and perhaps no other brand has been able to compete with it. They will require it later, and other industries are assisting Apple in meeting that need.

And, while Apple is not perfect, as some belief, what distinguishes it from all competitors in the technology market is that it is very close to meeting the majority of customer requirements; they must persuade consumers that they have improved their security, particularly with the new security features introduced by the company through system updates. iOS 15 is now available.

Finally, when you choose to use one of Apple’s industry-leading products, you’ll discover a plethora of things at your disposal that you didn’t even realize you needed, but which Apple thought of firs

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