Studypool: Earn more than $5000 dollars from Studypool.

Profiting from studypool is the best thing any student can do since he may earn a lot of money by selling lessons and research and answering other people’s queries.

Profit from the Internet is now available to all groups and segments of society, particularly in the last five years, including, of course, students and teachers.

Because of the tremendous benefit to students, students, and teachers, the world’s crisis has placed on a big number of countries the approach of distant education, so the demand for studypool has been very huge.

So, what exactly is studypool? What are the registration requirements? And how can we capitalize on it? What is the proper method for bringing up research and lessons? And what about the teachings and research that are being marketed in droves… All of these and other questions will be addressed in this post, God willing.

What is studypool?

Studypool is one of the largest online teaching platforms, with millions of students and teachers from all over the world, giving you the opportunity, as someone who wants to profit from the Internet, to answer students’ homework and questions, or to publish research and lessons you have already completed.

studypool allows you to publish the majority of the research and lessons you have completed, in all subjects, this is what makes this site unique and beautiful, including for example (science, literature, sports, commerce, art, health, politics, history, environment, cinema, Translation, economics, engineering … etc.).

The studypool site offers you $10 for each sale of a research document that you upload on the site, and the person who purchased your lesson or research may need to know the details so that he can contact you for an explanation… and there is no doubt that the amount that he will provide to you will be very reasonable.

Register on Studypool

The studypool registration process is relatively simple, taking less than 10 seconds to complete, according to the site.

If you wish to fill in the information manually, you will only need to enter your email, user name, and password; if you don’t want to, you can register using Google, Facebook, or Linkedin. As seen in the illustration below.

Earn more than $5000 dollars from studypool

You can register on the site as a teacher by clicking on becoming a tutor at the top of the page, and entering your personal information.

Register on the site click here

How does Studypool work

The site works based on selling lessons to students and solving exercises, and you could earn more than $700 a month if you’re a beginner, or $5000 a month if you’re a professional and have seniority on the site, depending on the site.

All you have to do is upload the lesson, file or search in the formats you want (pdf, Word, Png …), the site will take care of the rest, send the sales money to your wallet, where you can withdraw it using any of the available methods, the most famous of which are Western Union and PayPal and Payoneer…I will go over everything in detail in a separate post.

Can one lesson be sold more than once?

Yes, dear reader, one file or one lesson can be sold more than once, and this is a very wonderful matter, especially if it is a useful lesson and has great demand and research.

I will give you an example of some lessons that have been sold a lot, knowing that the number of their pages is very few (2 pages, 3 pages…) Here is a sample.

Earn more than $5000 dollars from studypool

How to upload lessons files? And in what form?

To upload lessons, all you have to do is log in to your account and you will go to sell docs, then select the file from your computer, and then provide information about the document.

You can download the file in any format you want, provided that the document is readable and clear to the student who will buy it, and the formats are: jpeg, png, jpg, gif, tiff, doc, pdf, RTF, txt, word, ppt…

Read more: 

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Note: The lessons provided should be in English since most of the site’s visitors are English-speaking.

Many people find it difficult to withdraw money, but this will not be an issue with Studypool because the site is supported by the best way, western union, which is preferred by a huge number of Internet users.

PayPal, Payoneer, cheque, and bank transfer are the other six methods for withdrawing profits from the site.

Finally, I hope that the post has piqued your interest and piqued your interest in profiting from the Internet. Remember, dear reader, that our site contains many themes on which we discussed highly essential sites for profiting from the Internet.

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