The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022
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Are you looking for the top American stocks with the highest growth potential so that you may profit from your investment? Here is a list of the finest stocks to buy in the United States.

It is not easy to locate the largest US stocks to invest in because investors should focus on the long-term performance of well-chosen stocks rather than the inevitable short-term volatility.Do not rush into any investment decisions.

It is in your best interest to choose stocks that fit your financial goals and portfolio because what works for one person may not work for another. (1)

We assessed the performance of stocks included in the S&P 500 Index over this time period to assist investors to identify the finest US stocks that best meet their financial aspirations and goals.

17 best US stocks worth buying US stocks:

Moderna Inc.’s mRNA stock has an annual performance of 44%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Moderna Inc. is a biotechnology firm that develops, manufactures, and sells mRNA transformational therapeutics. The firm aspires to deliver treatments for a wide range of illnesses, including cancer and uncommon ailments.

Vaccines and treatments for infectious diseases, immuno-oncology, uncommon disorders, autoimmune diseases, and cardiovascular diseases are also developed by the company.

He has devised a number of novel approaches to treating a variety of terminal diseases, such as cancer vaccinations. It has one of the best share prices. to buy.

US stocks: DVN Stock of Devon Energy Corp., with a 98% annual performance.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Devon Energy is a hydrocarbon exploration business based in the United States. This corporation is based in Oklahoma City and is organized in Delaware. Its operating offices are located in the 50-story Devon Energy Center. It is considered one of the most powerful independent oil and gas producers in the world.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, PSC’s revenue from oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids (NGL) production was $257.7 million, and its daily production was 293,446 barrels of oil, more than 125,000 barrels of natural gas liquids, and so on.

Natural gas in the amount of 920 million cubic feet. The company has put a lot of money into its exploration activities in recent years, and its field portfolio is a solid platform for future growth. In the Fortune 500, it is ranked 520.

US stocks: MRO shares for Marathon Oil Corp., with an annual performance of 68%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Marathon Oil Corp (NYSE: MPC) is a prominent independent exploration and production company with a focus on four of the country’s most competitive resources. Equatorial Guinea is home to a world-class integrated gas business.

This corporation, based in Findlay, Ohio, manages the world’s largest gas storage system, which serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers. In the United States, all of the oil is refined.

US stocks: BBWI stock of Bath & Body Works Inc., with an annual performance of 87%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Bath & Body Works Inc. is a company that sells bath and body products. It is a soap, lotion, perfume, and candle retailer founded in the United States. It was formed in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio, and has since extended over 6 continents.

It was the largest bathroom retail business in the United States in 1997. Shower gels, lotions, fragrances, creams, and candles are made here. Its stock is regarded as one of the greatest American stocks for long-term investment due to its outstanding record.

US stocks: Fortinet Inc.’s FTNT stock has an annual performance of 45%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Fortinet Security Processing Unit Technology (NASDAQ: FTNT) allows its customers to provide the finest security at the best price. Through a larger attack space and greater functionality, Fortinet Security GPU technology delivers excellent performance and the greatest value.

Fortinet ranks top in the list of the world’s most trusted security devices, trusted by more than 500,000 customers to safeguard their company and virtual space, to satisfy the ever-increasing performance expectations of a borderless network.

US stocks: Diamondback Energy Inc.’s FANG shares with an annual performance of 47%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Diamondback Energy is a privately held oil and gas firm based in Midland, Texas. The acquisition, development, exploration, and exploitation of unconventional onshore oil and natural gas reserves in the Permian Basin in West Texas are the primary objectives of this corporation.

The company had 1,316 million barrels of oil equivalent as of December 31, 2020, consisting of 58 percent petroleum, 28 percent natural gas liquids, and 14 percent natural gas. Natural gas is used to extract 20 percent of petroleum and 22 percent of natural gas liquids.

US stocks:The GNRC stock of Generac Holdings Inc. has an annual performance of 23%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Generac is a global leader in the design and manufacture of energy technology solutions. The company serves the home, commercial, and light industrial markets with power production equipment, energy storage systems, grid service solutions, and other energy goods.

One of Generac’s key focus areas that sets it apart from its competitors in the business is energy generation and storage.It maintains its leading position in the US market, with an ever-increasing international presence, as the only substantial market participant focusing solely on these items.

In 2020, the business will enter the network services industry, which will include an upgraded distributed power architecture that will enable General ELECTRIC’s ability to build a long-term ecosystem of partners, suppliers, distributors, consumers, and workers. (2)

US stocks: Nucor Corp.’s NUE stock has an annual performance of 91%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

In the United States, Nucor Corporation is the leading producer of steel products. It is the world’s largest steel producer that smelts scrap steel in electric arc furnaces rather than blast furnaces. Get to know this business. Being one of North America’s largest scrap recycling enterprises.

US stocks: The IT stock of Gartner Inc. with an annual performance of 20%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Gartner, based in Stamford, Connecticut, is a technology research and consulting organization. Gartner specializes in research, executive education, consulting, and conferences.

Large organizations, government agencies, technological companies, and the investing community are among Gartner’s clients.

Gartner said in 2018 that its business is made up of more than 12,000 Fortune Global 500 firms from more than 100 countries. This company, which was founded in 1979, employs over 15,000 people in over 100 locations throughout the world.

NVDA shares of NVIDIA Corporation with an annual performance of 84%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Nvidia Corporation is a worldwide technology firm located in Santa Clara, California, and incorporated in Delaware.

This firm creates graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming and professional applications, as well as system chip units (SoCs) for mobile and automotive computers. The firm created a boom in the gaming industry, with GPUs quickly overtaking CPUs as the most popular gaming processors.

The business also created the first GPU with a dual-core architecture that can perform both floating-point and integer calculations at the same time.In computers, the graphics processing unit (GPU) translates images into a format that can be viewed on a screen. Parallel computing will be revolutionized, and computer graphics will change the world.

Ford Motor Co.’s F share, with an annual performance of 31%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Ford Motor Company is an American multinational vehicle manufacturer with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford Motor Company designs, manufactures, and sells a complete line of Ford trucks, SUVs, and cars, as well as luxury Lincoln vehicles.

The development, manufacture, and distribution of automobiles and replacement parts, as well as the manufacture of auto accessories, are among Ford’s primary activities in the automotive sector.

The EOG stock of EOG Resources Inc. has an annual performance of 76%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

EOG Resources, Inc. is an American energy company that explores, develops, and produces oil and natural gas in the United States and internationally. The Permian Basin in West Texas and New Mexico, the Rocky Mountain region, particularly in Wyoming and Colorado, and the Mid-Continent region are where the company’s exploration efforts are centered.

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As of December 31, 2018, Permian Basin assets included stakes in 45,064 net acres and 25,529 grossly operating horizontal wells; 1,927 net acres and 1,340 horizontal wells at Rocky Mountain assets; and 55,587 net acres and 32,311 horizontal wells operating in the United States, Trinidad, and other countries. It’s sold all throughout the world.

OXY shares of Occidental Petroleum Corp. with an annual performance of 70%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Occidental Petroleum is an American oil and gas corporation that operates in the United States, the Middle East, and Colombia, as well as in the petrochemical industry in the United States, Canada, and Chile.

It is headquartered in Houston and is organized in Delaware. Oil and gas exploration and production are carried out by the company throughout the United States, the Middle East, and Africa. This company is ranked 669th on the Forbes Global 2000 list and 167th on the Fortune 500 list.

COP stock of Conocophillips with an annual performance of 27%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

With roughly 1.3 million undeveloped acres at the end of last year, ConocoPhillips is Alaska’s largest crude oil producer and holder of exploration and drilling contracts. It is a Houston, Texas-based American international hydrocarbon exploration business.

The corporation is active in 17 countries and has high production volumes in each of them.Alaska, which produces nearly a third of the company’s output, is home to nearly a third of the company’s production.

On Alaska’s North Slope, it is drilling in the Cook Inlet region, the Alpine oil field off the Colville River, and the Cork and Prudhoe Bay oil fields.

SIVB stock of SVB Financial Group with an annual performance of 98%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

SVB Financial Group is a bank and financial holding company that provides financial services. Global Commercial Bank (GCB), SVB Private Bank, SVB Capital, and SVB Leerink are among its subsidiaries.

The Company offers a variety of banking and financial products and services to clients across the United States of America through its subsidiaries and affiliates.In the technology, life sciences, healthcare, private equity, venture capital management, and wine industries, it provides a wide range of services. The Bank and its various subsidiaries also provide asset management, private wealth management, brokerage, and other financial services. [3]

APA shares of APA Corporation with an annual performance of 71%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Apache Corporation, an American hydrocarbon exploration firm, is the holding company for APA. It is incorporated in the state of Delaware, with its headquarters in Houston. Subsidiaries of APA Corporation operate in the United States, Egypt’s Western Desert, the United Kingdom’s North Sea, and Suriname. This corporation is placed 595 on the Fortune 500 list.

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RHI stock of Robert Half International Inc. has an annual performance of 97%.

The best US stocks | 17 best U.S. stocks of 2022

Robert Half International, based in Menlo Park, California, is a global human resource consulting organization. This company, which was founded in 1948, is a member of the S&P 500 Index.

With over 345 offices throughout the world, it is regarded as the world’s first and largest accounting and financial recruitment organization. Temporary Recruitment, Permanent Recruitment, Risk Advisory, and Internal Audit Services are the three main departments.

For beginners, the best individual US stock option is:

The process of selecting the finest suitable individual stocks, whether American or foreign, is challenging for beginners and new investors because it involves a lot of analytical abilities based on in-depth and impartial research. As a result, financial counselors urge new investors to put their money into US market-traded funds and mutual funds, which allow them to invest in a wide range of the top US companies while being managed by a financial professional.

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