Time management skills according to La Casa de Papel.

Perhaps your last concern when watching the favorite Spanish series for a wide range of viewers around the world is that you are preoccupied with time-management skills according to la Casa de Papel, rather than enjoying the glamorous dramatic performance or the unparalleled artistic plot lately.

However, you can think carefully about how you want to organize your time, while stealing hours of your life to watch the series, you must go out with great interest in addition to entertainment, so in this article we will touch on the most prominent time management skills according to the series “Casa de la Papel”

Time management skills according to La Casa de Papel.

Time management skills according to La Casa de Papel
Time management skills according to La Casa de Papel

You might not have considered time management skills in the manner of Casa de Papel, but why not?! The time has come; the most successful Spanish series did not spend any episode talking about the importance of time, and the golden rule of robbery since its first season has been in only two words: ganar tiempo, or getting time, the more time the team gets, the more they can reach their goal.

If we look more closely, the process of organizing time in the manner of La casa de Papel is divided into many important things that you find in your life, beginning with working on allocating a large amount of time that may reach years;

In order to reach a specific point from which to start implementing your future plans – the professor has devoted nearly half of his life to studying the burglary – or dedicate less time to study and plan the things that you must mow.

This series is the most successful Spanish series ever because of the combination of action, intrigue, and thrills, as well as an engaging plot and distinct characters. However, when organizing time in the style of La casa de Papel, we must consider the team’s ability and willingness – despite their varying characteristics – to face the risks, whatever they may be, with the good planning of the leader who knows well the appropriate timing to intervene to save the deteriorating matters.

Dealing with errors

And because everything, no matter how you plan it, must be different from reality, the series also sheds light on how to deal with mistakes – this is undoubtedly human nature – bearing in mind that these mistakes do not lead to the same expected results; But, of course, it generates new energy within each individual, to deal with developments and repercussions.

Time management skills according to La Casa de Papel.
Time management skills according to La Casa de Papel.

Therefore, organizing time in the manner of casa de Papel calls for you to think carefully about stealing moments, acquiring the time period, working to achieve goals in light of crises and changes, no matter their size, and knowing the task in all its minute’s details.

The series’ creators were eager to move forward with the brush strokes of an artist who knew how to harmonize contrast in order to reach the viewer’s heart. To provide glimpses into each of the heroes’ lives, and while he returns by flashback and connects the past with the present, you can know that organizing time in the manner of casa de Papel guarantees you that the past is only a part of your present, and thus do not forget the past details without immersing in it, which is the time Which you must either forget and skip or stick to on your next journey.

Among the many events that are closely related to political and economic issues, the social issue is one of the series’ most important features, and perhaps the songs chosen as an expression of resistance are the most prominent, whether they are Bella Ciao, Guantanamera, Vila Morena, and others; but she left a unique character in the same scenes that drew him into the ranks of the resistance without feeling.

If you considered it, you might now realize that it is nothing more than a drama, and thus you should get out of it as much as possible, which is what we are talking about here in organizing time in the manner of La casa de Papel, the original idea in it depends on time, Do not let him steal you without caring about ideas and self-development.

Unexpected crises

And when we look at the final parts of the series, it becomes very complicated; but remember that the main lesson here is to organize time in the manner of La casa de Papel, and if you are thinking of sympathizing with the events again and shedding more tears because of the killing of “Nairobi” or “Tokyo,” you may also realize how much you hate “Arturo Roman” who It increases over time, you can think again.

Time management skills according to La Casa de Papel.
Time management skills according to La Casa de Papel.

Yes, the main plot is not to play on the viewers’ emotions; as the series adopted a sharp and unique style, to leave a legendary character on the most successful series ever; but he did not forget that there is a great responsibility on their shoulders to broadcast an excellent genre of art to its fans.

So, when we return to La Casa de Papel, the third part requires us to focus on delegation. Yes, you can now delegate some tasks that do not require your direct involvement, which is a basic time management principle for managers. fans.

And if you can’t remember how to delegate, think back to the professor’s voice instructing his new team on how to study a bank robbery in Spain with just one word, AIKIDO, which gave them more time with less effort.

And with the passage of tragic events that demonstrate how attached you are to the characters whose names you may only remember in the cities they chose to associate with; you can think again about how to deal with the risks, each new situation is followed by a different mark to gain more time, and the Raquel trial was one of the highlights that caused the team to gain a new period of time in which they rejuvenated.

With the events narrowing in preparation for the end of the series, organizing time in the manner of La Casa De Papel is the distinct way that may restore your passion in organizing the rhythm of your life, while maintaining a list of specific tasks, and setting specific time periods to complete them, with good planning for developments and, most importantly, how to deal with mistakes.

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