The top VOIP apps for Android for 2022

Here are the top VOIP apps for Android devices in 2022.

Without a doubt, technology is advancing quickly around us. The days of exorbitant international calls are long gone. Even in 2022, international calls are still quite expensive; nevertheless, VoIP calling programs are already available. VoIP is an Internet-based phone connection also referred to as IP telephony.

These applications are fantastic since they provide free international calls to any nation. Voice over IP, or VoIP, calling apps are also widely accessible on the Google Play Store, however, not all of them provide free services. VoIP apps also include chat functions in addition to voice and video calls.

List of Top VOIP Apps for Android Devices

top VOIP Apps for Android
Best VOIP Apps for Android

magicApp Calling & Messaging

We’re going to provide you with a rundown of the top VoIP (voice over IP) apps for Android smartphones in this article. These applications let you phone any country abroad for nothing. So let’s learn more about it.

Comparing magicApp Calling & Messaging to the other top voip apps for android described in the post, there are a few differences. You can use the app’s virtual phone number to place and receive calls as well as send and receive SMS messages.

Also not free is the service. The number, which grants you unlimited calls to other lines in the US and Canada, must be purchased.

On your Android device, you must install magicApp and log in using your magicApp username and password. Once finished, the software will automatically retrieve the caller ID from your contact list on your mobile device.

You can start making phone calls and sending SMS messages once you have the contact information.

WhatsApp messenger

WhatsApp started as an instant messaging program but eventually included audio and video calling capabilities. The fact that WhatsApp is accessible on both iOS and Android devices is fantastic.

You may effortlessly make free voice and video calls to anyone in the world using WhatsApp Messenger. Users can exchange GIFs, post statuses, share files, and do a lot more using WhatsApp Messenger, but you need a working phone line to utilize it.

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The most effective and highly rated VoIP service available is by far Skype. Additionally, despite being present since 2003, the Skype app is still succeeding.

You may make audio, video, and group calls using Skype, which is also available for Android and iOS. To call someone when not using the Skype program, you can also apply for a Skype number.


One of the greatest and most highly rated VoIP apps for free voice and video calls is Viber. The best feature of the Viber app is that it also gives users a personal phone number they can use to call landlines and other phone numbers.

IMO video calls

Users need a working phone number to sign up for the Viber app. Despite not being as well-known as Skype and WhatsApp, Viber is one of the most potent VoIP rivals.

You should give IMO a shot if you’re looking for the best free and lightweight VoIP apps for your Android smartphone. because it’s simple to send messages, make phone or video calls, and do many other things.

The IMO app’s wonderful feature is that it works with all networks, including 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. Additionally, the connection quality is excellent.

Facebook Messenger

One of the greatest and most popular video calling and instant messaging programs available is Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger app offers voice and video calling over the internet just like all the other apps mentioned in the article.

But because Facebook Messenger has so many faults, you may likely have trouble making call connections.

One of the greatest and most highly rated instant messaging and video calling programs available is Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger app, like every other app mentioned in the article, enables audio and video chats over an internet connection.

However, Facebook Messenger is rife with faults, and it is highly typical for you to experience issues making call connections.

Google Hangouts

App for Google Hangouts You can use it on your Android device as one of the special phone number apps from Google. You can use it to make international calls without using any of the minutes on your mobile plan.

You won’t believe it, but the majority of Hangouts calls to the US and Canada are free. When you use the Hangouts app to make VoIP calls, it also dials your voice service number.


The best and safest instant messaging software for Android is called Signal. It is among the top-rated apps in its category, and it values user privacy greatly.

You can effortlessly send concealed messages, make voice and video conversations, send text messages, and exchange text messages using Signal Private Messenger. Additionally free, the software features no in-app purchases.

Zipper VOIP Softphone

For a seamless VoIP experience, Zoiper is searching for straightforward software that offers exceptional sound quality. Free IAX and SIP softphone apps for 3G or WiFi VOIP calls are available. The app is entirely free of advertisements and ideal for customers, service providers, call centers, and other businesses.


Another top voip apps for android and iOS is Telegram, which you can take into consideration. Compared to the other instant messaging apps on the list, the Telegram app provides more capabilities. More group-specific features, such as exchanging files up to 1.5 GB, are the focus of Telegram.

A group can have up to 200,000 members or more. Additionally, you can create exams, polls, and bots for group members.

These were the top voip apps for android connection-building apps for making free international calls. You may converse online in the same way that you converse on the phone using these free Android apps. Please let us know in the comments if you are aware of any further apps like these.

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